‘The Equalizer 3’: A worthy and violent end of party


Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington started ‘The Equalizer’ almost a decade ago. The film was a complete success and now, nine years and many liters of blood later, they premiere ‘The Equalizer 3’, a film with which to close the circle. The film has already reached theaters around the world.

After his two previous adventures as a vengeful vigilante, Robert McCall is getting older but accepts a new job. This makes him travel to Sicily, where he must face a powerful family. Subsequently, fate will take you to a small town in southern Italy. There, McCall wants to rest, find that peace that he so longs for. But the Neapolitan mafia will not make it easy for him.

'The Equalizer 3'

A breath of fresh air

Unlike the first two films, there is something very striking and tremendously positive about ‘The Equalizer 3’. That the plot definitely leaves the United States was a risk, since on too many occasions American productions are not capable of capturing the particularities of the environments they visit. But Fuqua shows in the film that he is perfectly familiar with the idiosyncrasies of southern Italy.

The town in which McCall settles plays an absolutely determining role in the plot. Its people, its chaotic urbanism, its narrow streets, its shops and squares… It is a very different place from what has been seen so far in the saga. And of course, using the Italian mafia is the icing on the cake. Because it’s not a stylized ‘Godfather’ style mob. They are young kids, very badass, who believe they are the kings of the place, starting a business based on fear.

'The Equalizer 3'

That narrative decision not only makes the story very believable, but it is a fabulous twist of originality in a franchise that was in serious danger of stagnating in the old familiar. The result is that Italy seems like the ideal place to seek retirement peace, but it also provides the perfect excuse for one last mission. The idea is brilliant, and Fuqua executes it with care and mastery.

more violence

But the most important thing about ‘The Equalizer 3’, what really matters, is its violence. The entire franchise has established itself as one of the great banners of R-rated action cinema (for those over 18 years of age). And no wonder. The first installment left some absolutely shocking deaths, but with the second, Fuqua went one step further. Sequences like the one with the harpoon going through the head of one of McCall’s enemies are indelible in the viewer’s retina.

'The Equalizer 3'

This challenge faced the filmmaker and also Washington. The mission was to live up to its predecessors and, if possible, surpass them. Perhaps that second part will not succeed, since in general the action is somewhat less imaginative than in ‘The Equalizer 2’. But of course he does fulfill what she promises, giving more than ever.

From minute one of footage, blood begins to splash non-stop. Each action scene is deliciously brutal until reaching the classic climax in which everything finally goes haywire. Fuqua knows what is done, what the fan looks for when buying a ticket to see ‘The Equalizer 3’. And that’s what he puts before his eyes. Especially thanks to a spectacular Denzel Washington, totally dedicated to the cause once again. It is admirable how the actor, established throughout the industry, still wants to have fun like this at 68 years old.

reflections of a life

In order not to oversaturate with such an explosive cocktail, ‘The Equalizer 3’ alternates the action with numerous scenes and subplots that are much more solemn and leisurely. That tone is the same as in the previous films. And here are a handful of good thoughts on growing up and finding a way to live peacefully. that suit the tape very well. They don’t reinvent the wheel and have been approached a thousand times before in much more honest and subtle ways.

But it is that ‘The Equalizer 3’ does not need more, they are simple additions to give some drama and development to its hero. More than enough. On the contrary, there are some plots or scenes that do not contribute anything and that make, especially the second act, very repetitive. They cut the good general rhythm of the proposal and can exhaust those who do not enter them. Although, fortunately, then comes the sadistic denouement to fix it.

In short, ‘The Equalizer 3’ is a very dignified and correct ending that, unfortunately for the fans, puts the finishing touch to one of the best action sagas of the last decade. Denzel Washington offers a wild last dance of his Robert McCall that will be very pleasing to those who want to free their minds and see a feast of slaps and murderous looks. A joy, again.


The best: The setting in Italy, the action and a Denzel Washington unleashed

Worst: Some secondary scenes cut the rhythm

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