‘Summer Vacation’: Pure and hard entertainment


santiago safe He’s in marvel mode. For the fifth consecutive year, returns to the big screen for the summer season. Already in 2022, the actor and director came twice with the third installment of ‘Father there is no more than one’ and the second of ‘A todo tren’, although this second one was not directed by him and the role was given to Paz Vega and Paz Padilla. On this occasion, there is a substantial change: the man from Madrid dares with a completely original proposal in ‘Vacaciones de verano’.

Summer Vacation

With a nod to the mythical Formula V song, ‘Summer Holidays’ not a remake of a foreign hit, as were the first installments of ‘Father there is only one’ and ‘A todo tren’. Of course, in this jump without a net, Santiago Segura, who once again has Marta González de Vega as co-writer and has a role in the film, chooses to bring part of the elements that triumphed in his previous films. The tandem he rides with Leo Harlem stands out above all, with whom he seeks to reproduce that feeling they had in ‘A todo tren’.

That bet works at certain times, as well as the to once again have an authentic battalion of children, who seem to be taken from one of the installments of ‘Little Nicolás’. There are very funny situations, with very physical humor that achieve the balance in being a film with family ambition, although with certain somewhat acidic situations. On the other hand, the tape has very specific profiles of characters, each one is different, which allows us to see a certain chorality in its plot.

Summer Vacation

Escape Family Entertainment

Now, that does not mean that the formula feels somewhat seen, which is logical after coming from two powerful sagas (especially that of ‘Father there is only one’, which managed to have a very specific identity of its own). Yes indeed, does not prevent the film from being enjoyed, Segura knows how to make the springs work, although these are old acquaintances. And, in the end, that is what matters.

‘Summer Vacation’ works like just entertainment for this season, manages to have the soul of that production designed for all audiences with which to escape a moment both of the torrid summer temperatures and of the social and political situation that is being experienced. A moment of pure entertainment in which Segura knows how to offer the best of his film style, by the way, already imitated although without reaching the good results that his original label has achieved.


The best: Certain sequences of more physical humor.

Worst: The formula begins to feel already seen.

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