‘Psycho-Pass: Providence’: Brutal and epic return


‘Psycho-Pass’ is one of Production IG’s most successful series, factory of series like ‘Blood+’ or ‘Guilty Crown’ and movies like ‘Ghost in the Shell’, ‘Patlabor: The Movie’, ‘A Letter to Momo’ or ‘Giovanni’s Island’. Broadcast between 2012 and 2019 (if its three series are considered as seasons of the same), the franchise has expanded into manga, a light novel, and a series of filmsamong which the ‘Sinners of the System’ trilogy produced in 2019 stands out.

Psycho Pass: Providence

Three years later, taking advantage of the fact that the 10th anniversary of the debut of the television anime was celebrated a year earlier, ‘Psycho-Pass: Providence’ hits theaters. It is the sex feature film of the franchise and is chronologically set before the events of the third season and the movie ‘Psycho-Pass 3: First Inspector’. Essential data for die-hard fans of the saga and also for those looking to get into it after watching ‘Providence’. And it is that, as with part of the film saga, the films have the virtue of working both in connection with the original series and autonomously.

‘Psycho-Pass: Providence’ is no exception. The tape has a good presentation for all those who do not know the Sibyl System, which controls all the data recorded in the Psycho-Pass, which is a biomarker that measures a person’s mental state, their personality and what are the probabilities that they commit crimes. Set in January 2118, the film brings that futuristic, science fiction spirit and philosophical background of the original series, which managed to be a A worthy successor to what Mamoru Oshii proposed in ‘Ghost in the Shell’.

Psycho Pass: Providence

Film that will delight both fans and new followers of the saga

In ‘Psycho-Pass: Providence’ combines brutal action sequences with a plot of criminal intrigue that knows how to keep the suspense until the end. This last aspect shows to what extent it is legitimate to allow an entire system to control something as intimate as human thought and how this system gives rise to an authoritarian reality in which free will becomes a prey to be hunted. It is its thriller part that causes the film to captivate the public, thanks to a well-executed and dosed plot.

Psycho Pass: Providence

And this allows the lay public to enjoy a feature film that can evoke what was seen in ‘Ghost in the Shell’ or ‘Minority Report’ to those staunch followers who will enjoy moments that are pure fan-service, with which the tape will always be complicit. Here you can see the good fortune of having Makoto Fukami and Tow Ubukata as scriptwriters (both already experienced in the franchise); as with Naoyoshi Shiotani in the direction, since it is a director who has been around since the beginning of the original seriesin addition to having been in charge of directing all the films in the franchise, which has ended up elevating him, demonstrating all the potential he had and that could be seen back in 2007 with ‘Tokyo Marble Chocolate’.

‘Psycho-Pass: Providence’ is a brutal proposal, which manages to engage and knows how to create new followers of the saga. A delivery that shows that wonderful balance of knowing how to please the fans with which to tell a story that knows how to function autonomously.


The best: Its stupendous combination of brutal action sequences and criminal and police intrigue. He knows how to engage even if the original series is not followed.

Worst: There are certain moments in which the plot confuses. That it will not have a version with dubbing into Spanish for cinemas.

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