‘Despues de. Everything ends here’ seduces with an ending of strong emotions for its fans


This time, the ‘After’ saga comes to an end with ‘After. Everything ends here’ and We finally know the outcome of the romance between Hardin Scott and Tessa Young. After we ultimately learned that its fourth installment, the one titled ‘Infinite Love’, had been cut to divide the outcome into two films, we had to wonder if those responsible for the franchise were going to know how to squeeze out the little remaining material to maintain interest. .

Already the previous film, even giving 100% the material that its fans demanded with love affairs, romantic dramas and hot scenes, languished from a narrative structure without a clear plot arc, which propelled the problem that the franchise was dragging on of not knowing build powerful script conflicts beyond the comings and goings in the relationship of its protagonists. However, ‘After: Everything ends here’ has managed to solve this quite well.

Having already adapted almost all of the latest ‘After’ novel, This new film has decided to focus on a secondary story of Hardin. After his breakup with Tessa following the publication of her novel, the character played by Hero Fiennes Tiffin travels to Portugal to settle a past debt with another young woman and redeem her demons. This allows the film to have all the focus on this role, to tell a story with a clear dramatic arc and not beat around the bush.

Hero Fiennes Tiffin in 'After.  Everything ends here

It is true that sex and the very hot sexual moments that ‘After’ had us accustomed to are left aside, but instead it offers us an introspection of Hardin’s character that will be a delight for ‘After’ fans, with Hero Fiennes Tiffin giving his best in what stands as his best work in the saga. Seeing the toxicity that surrounded this role, it works wonderfully to see a story that tries to remedy the character’s demons by offering a more tender and human version, leaving aside all those details that have always generated controversy around Anna Todd’s novels. .

Although it is not an excessively dramatic film, since there is no shortage of good points of humor and very enjoyable and evasive moments on the beaches and Portuguese landscapes, such as new romantic situations, new and charismatic characters and even jokes about ‘After’ itself. Furthermore, in between we get flashbacks and situations that They recall many of the hottest and most emotional moments that have been experienced throughout these five films.which further enhances the virtues of this film.

What’s wrong with Tessa?

The problem is that, at the end, when ‘After. Here it all ends ‘this Hardin arc closes and we return to his relationship with Tessa, this whole arc in Lisbon plays zero weight in the conclusion of the story. Or at least the film makes no effort to demonstrate her role in the reunion between the two characters. If from the end of the fourth film, when the breakup occurs between the protagonists, we had gone directly to the final sequences of this film, nothing would have been missed during this entire trip to Portugal, which leaves a slight sensation of being before a delivery that lacks meaning.

Besides, The almost total absence of Tessa, only present in the last scenes of the film and in slight flashbacks, is also a setback.. And being the great conclusion of the franchise, it seems strange that one of its main characters barely has a presence. Possibly, the sudden announcement of this last installment made it difficult for Josephine Langford to make room in her schedule to shoot new scenes, so she would only have been able to take advantage of the material already recorded for ‘After. Infinite love’.

Fortunately, The end of the film comes so full of spark, feeling and strong emotions that it is easy to forget all these shortcomings. Director Castille Landon knows very well how to use the resources at her disposal to make the screen explode, especially in the looks and close-ups of the characters or in the editing and use of music. Thus, she achieves a conclusion that is pure passion that will possibly make After fans leave the room with the widest smile possible. Obviously, it is again a product only focused on this target, but, as such, it more than fulfills its function.


The best: Its final sequences and the dramatic moments where Hero Finnes-Tiffin shines.

Worst: The almost total absence of Tessa’s character and the null implications of the central plot arc.

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